1. "If you are the type of person who won't settle for anything less than the best, Alexandra is the one for you. If your not already aware, there are 2 types of pilates - the true/classic authentic pilates method and all the rest. If you have done both you know the difference. Classically trained instructors like Alexandra have to go through a detailed 2-3 year program prior to getting certified. If you take just 1 session with Alexandra you will clearly see how she is at an entirely different level than all other instructors in the area. I moved here from Florida 2 years ago, in Florida i had been doing pilates for over 10 years. Pilates was my go to workout because it made the biggest difference in the shortest amount of time. I had been searching and trying other instructors since i moved here 2 years ago but i was getting very frustrated because i was spending a lot of money and getting little to no results. My time is also very valuable, i juggle working full time with raising a family of 4. Thank God I finally found Alexandra. I have been going to her for only 3 weeks now but my body has changed more in the last 3 weeks than it did with other instructors over a 2 year period." Jennifer Elias, Los Angeles CA
  2. "Alexandra is simply the gold standard of Pilates training. I came to her almost two years ago, injured and defeated from years of improper Pilates training and form. I was hopelessly pessimistic that I would never recover from my debilitating injures, and warned her not to even attempt to take me on as a client. She would never succeed at helping me reverse all of my bad habits -- poor posture, the overuse of my dominant muscles such as my hip flexers, psoas, and shoulders muscles. She would certainly never succeed in helping me to find and to engage my powerhouse. And let's not even waste time hop into ever be able to lose the gigantic band of fat that had settled around my belly. Alexandra listened patiently. She really cared. Unfortunately, bad Pilates experiences had become all too commonplace in LA, and she was dismayed at how it had left people like me with the wrong impression. After literally allowing me to vent for hours, Alexandra confidently assured me that if I was willing to be patient and learn the "correct" Pilates method, the one taught by Joseph Pilates and passed down to his disciple and protege Romana, onto her, Alexandra could guarantee me results. She promised I'd get the body I wanted, strength I needed. And I'd finally get freedom from pain. We worked together privately 2-3 times a week. At first classical Pilates seemed like I was learning a different language. The core muscles were more subtle and less perceptible than my dominant ones. But each day with Alex's strict and unrelenting dedication to teaching me, I gained more awareness of how to locate my powerhouse muscles. Soon my training shifted away from "rehabing" my injuries to a full-fledged, dripping- sweat- inducing workout! It also seemed that the more I learned the more intense the work became. Yet the harder the work, the more my body seemed to respond and take me places I never thought i'd go. Suddenly, I was suspending my body in ways I thought only acrobats could do. I went from a woman who believed I just had to embrace the fact that I was simply growing old and could no longer do what I did in my youth, to a woman who felt like there wasn't anything I couldn't do." Today I am injury- free. I have lost a total of 18 pounds and dropped two sizes. I use my core in daily life to enhance everything i do, from driving in the car to spinning three times a week. I am more flexible and 10 times stronger than I was in my 20's! When searching for a Pilates instructor, it is essential that they be classically trained in the proven methods taught by Joseph Pilates. Accept not substitutions when researching credentials. This will narrow the list of true Pilates instructors substantially. Then ask yourself, "what is freedom from pain worth?" What is a true Pilates powerhouse with a long, lean, truly flexible body worth?" If it is worth as much to you as it is to me, you will run to the phone and contact Alexandra. I guarantee you'll be glad you did!
    Sandra Prosper, Hollywood CA
  3. "Alex is an amazing teacher!! She is so knowledgable and clearly knows what she is doing. Alex is also patient and explains things so well. She saved my posture and has helped strengthen my core. Her sessions give you a good hard work out and you can see results pretty much right away. Alex uses Gratz equipment and she is trained with the best (the protege of the guy who invented pilates). I highly recommend her! Also, the studio is super cute and has such a positive vibe to it. Take lessons from Alex, you won't regret it!" Kellie Kelly. NYC
  4. "Alexandra lives and breaths authentic classical Pilates. When you are training with her she ensures every step along the way you have proper form and getting the true benefits of Pilates. I would of not gained as much strength if I was not taking privates with her. Overall, she is a wonderful person with a great soul. You cannot find a better teacher." Courtney Rowley LA
  5. "Alexandra is the best Pilates teacher I have ever had, and I have been studying Pilates for several years. She is the real thing. She studied with Joseph Pilates' protege in New York, and she teaches the pure, classical Pilates method. Alexandra is warm, caring, and really pays close attention to her clients, making sure that the form and technique is correct. She teaches a challenging class, and my body mechanics and overall health has improved significantly since I began working with her. Her teaching studio environment is warm and inviting. I look forward to every session." Andrea Comsky LA
  6. "Alexandra is the best Pilates teacher I have ever had. My background includes collegiate-level football and volleyball, training with Navy SEALs, and surfing internationally. Needless to say, when I came to Alexandra for the first time, I thought I was very strong and that Pilates was only for tiny ballerinas. I was dead wrong. She killed me, but in a good way. I have now trained with her on and off for the past 9 years, and every time I am very challenged by her workouts, yet very rewarded. Her classical training is solid, and she has a passion for teaching the legitimate method as taught by Joe Pilates himself and passed to her by Romana. The studio is very unique and inviting. Best of all, she uses original Gratz equipment! (If you don't know what that is, then you haven't really been doing classical pilates). Call her up and ask! And did I mention the price? She holds to the philosophy that Joe Pilates held, which is that the training should be affordable without compromising its intensity. She teaches the true pilates, not the corrupted form of pilates. Come train with the original, and get a real workout, whether you are a stay at home mom or a highly accomplished triathlete. She'll show you just how much core strength you really have." Tavis Bohlinger Hollywood CA
  7. "Alex has provided me with by far the best support and training that I have received. She is exceptionally knowledgeable, supportive, and most importantly, effective. Before meeting Alex I spent five years suffering from lower back, leg (sciatica) and neck pain. For three of these five years I was taking prescription pain killers. Two MRIs diagnosed protruding discs, compressed nerves and a disc herniation, (L4-L5 and L5-S1). Neurosurgeons advised that surgery was the only solution. Reluctant to receive surgery, I spent three years visiting physiotherapists, working with a gym instructor, receiving acupuncture, sports massages, and practising Pilates with ‘contemporary’ & ‘STOTT’ trained instructors. Despite all of this work, two MRIs three years apart showed no improvement in my condition. Meanwhile I developed a recurring shoulder injury and painfully tight hips and legs. Just over two years ago I began training with Alex. She immediately began providing pain-relief. My leg pain (sciatica) has never returned, the neck pain was solved within a month or two, my shoulder injury has never recurred, and my lower back pain has also stopped. My most recent MRI showed that the disc protrusion has significantly reduced, the nerve compression likewise, and the herniation is healing. All of this has been achieved without surgery! I have never before felt that I was in such safe hands. Alex provides simple and easy to follow explanations for how my body works, and what causes me to feel pain. I am always confident that we have a long-term plan, and that any issues in the short-term will also be resolved. Alex is never negative, nor does she push me too hard, or bark at me, like some trainers do. She is infectiously positive, friendly, and quietly reassuring. Alex is one of only a handful of instructors in the UK who can provide the real deal, Classical Pilates (she was certified and trained by Romana Kryzanowska in New York). Alex also has a complete suite of top-of-the-range Gratz equipment (designed by Joseph Pilates himself, and hand-made in New York). I can confidently say that ‘the work’ that Alex teaches and the equipment she employs, are of the highest standard, and cannot be compared to the training or Pilates that I received in the past. Training with Alex has enabled me to effectively treat my symptoms of pain and tightness. Alex teaches from a curriculum and encourages independence. This meant that I was soon able to begin practising the work at home, accelerating my recovery and building my confidence. I am now much stronger, more flexible and far healthier than I was before. I always enjoy my sessions with Alex and would strongly recommend her to others. Whether you have a serious injury or health problem, or you are simply looking to improve your fitness, Alex can help you achieve your goal. " Lewis Hughes Tavis Bohlinger
    Lewis Hughes Co. Durham
  8. "Alex is a wonderful teacher and equally lovely person – I feel so lucky to have found her. She has helped me to correct my posture and alignment, so that my previous lower back problems and “dodgy knees” are a thing of the past. My riding teacher was amazed at the improvement in my riding position and lightness in my hands (as, I imagine, are the horses!) after only a few sessions with Alex and I have noticed a significant improvement in the way my body feels and works both day-to-day and in other forms of exercise, such as spinning, barre and Body Combat classes. As an added, and unexpected, extra I am noticeably more toned and my clothes fit and feel so much better. I had been practising “Contemporary Pilates” for 13 years, and trained as a Level 3 contemporary mat teacher, before experiencing the classical method and realising what I had been missing. It is not too much of an exaggeration to say that “True Pilates” really is life changing – there is no looking back. With Alex’s encouragement, I am shortly to embark on my comprehensive training to become a teacher of the Classical Pilates method." Ione Co. Durham, UK
  9. "It would be in no way an exaggeration to say that Alex is indeed the best through what she delivers in her Pilates sessions. She has a true focus on exactly what my body needs and how to achieve it, leading me to have reached a place that I never thought I would get to this time last year. In September 2015 I suffered from prolapsed disc and had severe nerve pain, I was on medication and attending physiotherapy. I felt I was forever going to be in pain and the thought of exercising was far fetched, until I meet a friend who suggested to me I should see Alex as she had greatly helped him as someone who suffered from back pain also. I thought I may as well give it a try and I have never looked back! Alex is a wonderful teacher who knew exactly how to make my back feel better, the nerve pain reduced dramatically within weeks of seeing her and my body felt stronger with an improved posture. A year on my body feels the strongest it's ever been, I can feel muscles I never knew existed! Overall I feel I can finally have a positive outlook on how my body feels and copes with every day life and it is all down to Alex!" Alice Co. Durham, UK
  10. "On a two week break in Durham recently, a long standing osteoarthritis problem flared up and I sought help from Alexandra. She responded immediately to my email and before long I was in her extremely comfortable and well-equipped studio in the city centre. Alexandra was a delight to work with. Not only is she highly professional (she was trained by the best in the business- the protégée of Joseph Pilates) but she is gentle and careful as she puts you through your paces. She is currently undergoing training as an osteopath and so has a wide span of knowledge of biology and anatomy so I had complete confidence in her. I can highly recommend Alexandra. As I left her studio I felt leaner, taller and physically fitter than I had for a long time." Liz Bestic London, UK

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